United Kingdom


Recent estimates of British audiences suggest that the average Brit watches almost four hours of television per day. 67% of adults in the United Kingdom use television to access news. Both public and commercial enterprises broadcast television in the UK. There are six major providers of television in the UK: BT TV, Freesat, Freeview, Sky, TalkTalk Plus TV, and Virgin Media. The largest of these by far is Sky which has a presence in more than 11 million households. There are more than 450 channels available in the UK, and six organizations own the channels which receive the most views. The five most-viewed channels in the UK are BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, which are available from all providers.


Print Newspaper

There exists a tradition of dividing print news into “broadsheets,” which are meant to be serious, quality news sources, and “tabloids,” which are more for entertainment. 31% of all British adults read print newspaper in the form of “broadsheets” regularly. The most popular print news sources are the daily tabloid paper The Sun, which circulates to approximately 3 million Brits per day, and The Daily Mail, which is read by almost 4 million Brits perday. The Daily Telegraph is the most popular of the “broadsheets” with The Guardian following closely behind. The three biggest owners of national newspapers are News Corp, DMGT, and Trinity Mirror.



There are more than six hundred radio stations that broadcast in the UK, by far the most popular of which are broadcasted by BBC Radio (British Broadcasting Corporation). These are national networks, examples of the most prominent of which are BBC Radio 1, which is pop music on FM wave radio, and BBC Radio 2, which is the most listened-to radio station in all the United Kingdom. It features radio talk hosts and a large range of popular music. Besides these national broadcasters, there are also regional or “community radio stations” which broadcast to much smaller areas and whose broadcasters are largely volunteers. These generate revenue from advertisements.


Digital Media

Residents of the United Kingdom access the internet often. A recent report by the British government suggested that about 88% of adults in the UK had recently used the internet, and more than 99% of adults aged 16-24 were recent internet users. 41% of Brits use the internet regularly to access news and entertainment, and this number has been steadily rising for the last three years. The BBC is the most prominent source for information and entertainment for Brits, as their online presence trails only Google as the most accessed website by citizens of the UK. Reddit and Facebook are also popular sites for Brits, both of which offer easy and reliable opportunities to promote content.


Out of Home Media

Outsmart is the UK’s major association for out of home media. According to Outsmart, out of home media is rapidly growing in the UK, having become a billion-pound industry in 2015. Some of the major companies marketing out of home media are Vista, JCDeaux, and OOH International.

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