Sudan has a large number of local and national newspapers. The major national dailies are published in Arabic or English. Sudan Television broadcasts sixty hours of programming a week. The Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation airs radio programming in Arabic, English, French, and Swahili. Radio and television stations are state-controlled entities and serve as outlets for the government viewpoint. The Voice of Sudan, sponsored by the National Democratic Alliance, broadcasts in Arabic and English. The opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Army issues its own newspapers and journals.

Radio and television

Radio and television broadcasting are operated by the government. In 1990, there were an estimated 250,000 television sets (now there are about one million) in the country and about six million radio receivers. Sudan Television operated three stations located in Omdurman, Al Jazirah, and Atbarah. The major radio station of the Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation was in Omdurman, with a regional station in Juba for the south.

In opposition to the official broadcast network, the SPLM operated its own clandestine radio station, Radio SPLA, from secret transmitters within the country and facilities in Ethiopia. Radio SPLA broadcasts were in Arabic, English, and various languages of the south. In 1990, the National Democratic Alliance began broadcasts on Radio SPLA’s frequencies.

List of Media Outlets in Sudan

The Press
Al-Ra’y al-Amm – a private, daily paper
Al-Ayam – an established daily paper
Al-Khartoum – a privately owned paper
Alwan – a daily paper for the capital, Khartoum
Al-Sahafah – a daily paper
Al-Anba – a government-owned paper
Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SNBC) – a government-run television station

Sudan National Radio Corporation – a government-run radio station
Mango 96 FM – a private, Khartoum music radio station

News Agencies/Internet
Sudan News Agency (Suna) – a news service available in Arabic, English and French
Sudan Tribune – an English-language news site based in France

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