Spain is a major consumer of television by both European and global standards: the average Spaniard spends more than three and a half hours a day watching television, and 99.7% of Spanish households have television sets. Television is broadcast in Spain by both government-owned public stations and private commercial services. Three providers own all of the ten most-viewed Spanish television channels: Atresmedia Televisión and Mediaset España Comunicación, which are private broadcasters (Mediaset is the largest network in Spain), and Televisión Española, which is a state-owned broadcaster. The three most popular channels are Antena 3, Telecinco, and La 1, which account for more than 37% of all viewership. The ten most popular channels owned by these providers cover more than half of all television watched in Spain.


Print Newspaper

Spain is not a particularly large consumer of print news, and most Spaniards prefer to get their news from television rather than print sources. News consumption in Spain compares evenly with France – Spanish newspapers circulate at a rate of 175 per 1,000 people compared to France’s 190/1,000. Also as in France, newspaper advertising expenditure is lower than out of home advertising expenditure in the UK, and is on a downward trend. Newspaper advertising was a 1.1 billion euro industry in 2010, and is forecast to come in at roughly 614 million euro in 2017. A recent count had the number of newspapers in the country at 84, the most popular of which are El País, El Mundo, and ABC.



Radio is not as popular as television in Spain, and less popular than most European nations, on average. The average Spaniard listens to about an hour and a half of radio per day. The most popular radio station, by far, is La Cadena SER, owned by Prisa Radio. The national public radio broadcaster in Spain, owned by the government, is RNE. Other prominent owners of radio broadcast services in Spain include Radio Popular, Atresmedia Radio, Kiss Media, and Unidad Editorial.


Digital Media

Due to its population, Spain is among the top-20 nations in the world in terms of the total number of internet users within its borders (roughly 29 million). Still, only about 72% of  Spaniards are internet users, which is quite low for a highly developed first world country. The dominant companies providing internet in Spain are Jazztel, Ono, Orange, and Movistar. Spaniards tend to browse websites that are not unique to Spain – all of the top ten most popular websites in the nation are international sites, with Google, YouTube and Facebook being the most popular three. Spaniards spend the most time on Facebook and, notably, Aliexpress, which is a Chinese e-commerce website.


Out of Home Media

Exterion, one of the largest providers of out of home media in Europe, calls the Spanish market “an important one,” since it is both wealthy and a popular destination for tourists. Exterion and the Ströer Group (represented in Spain by blowUp) are the two biggest providers of out of home media in the nation.

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