Dutch citizens are fairly average television consumers, by European standards. Recent studies showed that Dutch citizens watch about two and a half to three hours of TV per day. The Netherlands features a dual broadcast system with both publicly and privately owned TV stations. The private stations tend to be more popular, and occupy more than 60% of the market share. Some of the more popular commercial stations are RTL 4 and SBS6, which are owned by the multinational RTL Group and the United States-based SBS Group respectively. The most popular channel in the Netherlands, however, is a public channel called Nederland 1 – it and Nederland 2 combined for over 20% of the most recent Dutch market share.


Print Newspaper

The Netherlands still reads a large amount of print news compared to other European nations, although like all western nations, newspaper circulation rate has been dropping for years consistently, in favour of online news sources. Among traditional news sources, however, newspapers remain the most popular media in the Netherlands. Newspapers in the Netherlands circulate to about four and a half million people per day, good for a rate of 346 per 1,000 citizens – a little less than the UK but almost double that of France. There are 35 newspapers in the Netherlands, the most popular of which are all daily national newspapers. Metro, De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, De Volkskrant, and NRC Handelsblad are the five most popular newspapers. All except Algemeen Dagblad are headquartered in the capital city, Amsterdam. A recent survey showed that advertisers spend about a billion US dollars on ad space in newspapers.



Like print news, traditional radio is becoming less popular in favour of online sources. Digital radio is notably popular in the Netherlands: 95% of the population has access to the medium, and both national and regional public broadcasters as well as private commercial broadcasters are available digitally. Some of the most popular radio stations in the Netherlands are Radio538, Radio 2, Sky Radio, 3FM, and Radio 1, which combine for a share of the market at around 45%. Radio 1, Radio 2, and 3FM are nationally-held public broadcasts. Radio538 and Sky Radio are owned jointly by Talpa Holding and Telegraaf Media Groep.


Digital Media

The Dutch are very active on the internet: a recent survey showed that a colossal 93% of Dutch citizens are internet users, and the nation has the most subscribers to broadband per capita of any country in the world. Users from the Netherlands spend more than 31 hours per month on the web. The most popular websites in the Netherlands are, as with most developed nations, Google, YouTube, and Facebook, but the Dutch also browse the website Reddit a great deal, spending more time on that site per day than any other site, and viewing more unique pages on it than any other site, representing a good opportunity for advertising.


Out of Home Media

Out of home is one of the fastest growing media industries in the Netherlands. Exterion Media has a presence all over Europe and is also the largest provider of out of home media in the Netherlands, claiming to reach over 70% of the country. The biggest spender on out of home media is T-Mobile.

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