Media in Kenya includes more than 90 FM stations, more than 15 TV stations, and an unconfirmed number of print newspapers and magazines. Publications mainly use English as their primary language of communication, with some media houses employing Swahili. Vernacular or community-based languages are commonly used in broadcast media; mostly radio.

Kenya’s state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation remains the only broadcaster with countrywide coverage. It broadcasts in both English and Swahili plus various vernacular languages. Royal Media services is the largest private national broadcaster with countrywide coverage. It also broadcasts in both English and Swahili plus various vernacular languages. A dozen private radio and television stations have ranges that are limited to the Nairobi area.


KBC, Citizen FM, Kiss FM (pop), Classic FM (classics), Capital FM (rock and pop), Easy FM (R&B), Metro FM(Reggae), X FM(Rock), Homeboyz Radio(Hip hop and R&B) are the popular radio stations in Kenya in terms of listeners and coverage. A number of established private radio stations broadcast in local vernacular languages, including Kameme FM and Coro FM (Kikuyu), Metro East FM (Hindi), Chamgei FM, Kass FM and Rehema Radio (Kalenjin), Lake Victoria (Luo), Mulembe FM (Luhya), Mbaitu FM (Kamba), Star FM (Somali).


KBC, NTV, KTN, Citizen TV, K24 are the biggest TV stations in Kenya in terms of coverage and viewers. Recently entertainment TV ventured in the Kenyan airspace with the inclusion of Kiss TV, a 24-hour Music TV Station and Classic TV which airs African content in terms of movies, programs and music.But recently tho two joined together. Digital TV is also available in Kenya with the likes of SmartTV and DSTV.


There are two independent national daily newspapers, the Daily Nation, The Standard, and two daily free newspapers, X News, and the People Daily. There are also two specialised daily papers, Business Daily and The Star, and one weekly paper, The East African, which is published in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Kampala.


All mainstream media houses have websites that they use to convey news and other information. The rise of online magazines, blogs and websites for Kenyan news is also increasing. Some of the top internet news companies in Kenya include the likes of Ghafla!, a youth entertainment company, siasareport, an aggregation website that tracks late breaking Kenyan news, Daily Post, DailyPost Kenya, +254 Campus News, inairobi, Kenya Moja, Kahawa Tungu, Buzz Kenya, Mpasho news, The Daily Inspiration] and many others.


Kenya has a number of magazines most of which are published monthly and a few are bi-monthly. The magazines cover a range of topics such as business, lifestyle, politics, entertainment, media and other societal issues. All newspapers that are published are usually accomplished with a magazine in every daily edition.

Other notable companies also publish magazines for their client and publicity and advertisement. Some of these companies are Kenya Airways, Mada Hotels and ICPAK.

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