95% of French households have a television set, making France a middle-of-the road consumer of television by European standards but still relatively large compared to the rest of the world. France has a combination of publicly and privately owned TV stations, the most popular of which are the public ones: TF1, M6, C8, France 2, France 3, and France 5 are the most-watched channels in France. The latter three are all state-owned by France Télévisions, and the first three are owned by TF1 Group, M6 Group, and Canal+ Group respectively. Video-on-demand subscription services are gaining popularity quickly in France, the most popular provider of which – holding over 60% of the market share – is IPTV.


Print Newspaper

Relative to other nations, especially other European nations (and especially compared to the UK), France is not a major consumer of print news, and print news sources are losing readership to online sources rapidly. All 86 of France’s newspapers combined together circulate to almost nine million people per day, a rate of 190 per 1000 (whereas the UK’s circulate at more than double that rate – 409per 1000). Newspaper advertising expenditure in France is lower than out of home advertising expenditure in the UK. The most popular newspapers in France are Le Monde, Le Figaro, and l’Equipe. A full one-third of all national daily press readers are in the Paris metro area.



Radio is more popular in France than in the average European country, but like print news, radio as a source of news and entertainment is losing popularity in favour of online sources. Still, on the average weekday, 42 million French citizens tune into radio stations, with general talk radio being more popular than music stations. The most popular French radio stations are RTL and France Inter, the former owned by RTL Group and the latter by Radio France, a state-owned conglomerate.


Digital Media

France ranks tenth in the number of internet users globally, and has the fourth-most internet users in Europe. 62% of French households have internet access, and French internet users spend an average of approximately 27 hours per month online. Although most of the major French news services have an online presence, France is unique in the popularity of “citizen journalism” there: there are 10 million blogs in France, with over 2.5 million of them being active, making France the nation with the most active blogs per capita. Facebook is also hugely popular in France, receiving about 35 million unique visitors per month. No other website receives even a quarter that many unique visitors in the nation, and France accesses Facebook the third-most of any European nation.


Out of Home Media

France is Europe’s second-largest market for out of home media, behind the UK. Just like the UK, France’s out of home media market continues to grow while many other countries are seeing a decline in that industry. Exterion Media and Broadsign are two of the nation’s most popular providers for out of home media.

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