The mass media in Ethiopia consist of radio and television, which remain under the control of the Ethiopian government, as well as private newspapers and magazines. In comparison to the length of Ethiopia’s over-2,000-year history as a sovereign nation, the media is a very recent phenomenon.

Ten radio broadcast stations, eight AM and two shortwave, are licensed to operate in Ethiopia. The major radio broadcasting stations include Radio Ethiopia, Radio Fana (or “Torch”) a private station, Radio Voice of One Free Ethiopia, and the Voice of the Revolution of Tigray. The single television broadcast network is Ethiopian Television, with 24 hours of broadcast and three regional stations, namely Addis TV, TV Oromiyaa (with two live studios), and Dire TV. In keeping with government policy, radio broadcasts occur in a variety of languages.

List of press agencies and printed newspapers

Amharic News (currently only in English)
Ethiopian Press Agency
Ethiopian News Agency
Capital Ethiopia
Addis Tribune
Jimma Times
Addis Admass
Addis Fortune
List of online news services
Ethiopian Review
Nazret – Daily News from Ethiopia
Fana Broadcasting Corporate
Walta Information Center
Addis Admass News
Broadcasting Corporate

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